Welcome to IMPC 2018 in Norway

Publisert av Karl Jørgen Gurandsrud den 05.12.17. Oppdatert 24.05.18.

Mechanical pulps in the form of ground wood have formed the basis of the modern mechanical pulp industry. Norway was at one time the biggest exporter in the world of such pulps. This was due to numerous small water falls and the ample supply of spruce – still considered the best raw material for mechanical pulps.

The conference will cover most aspects of mechanical pulping, its raw materials and new applications for high yield fibers from lignocellulose. Advanced mechanical pulping technologies will be presented, e. g. process control and simulation, bleaching and water management and effluent treatment. An important topic will be energy savings in mechanical pulping processes.

The conference will bring an amazing experience of Norwegian hospitality and visit a famous city of Norway. The name Trondheim derives from the old Norse Þróndheimr, meaning home of the strong and fertile ones. The city was founded by Viking King Olav Tryggvason in AD 997, and occupies a special place in Norwegian culture and history.

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